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The sun will soak everyday so many diseases of the body will go away

Featured The sun will soak everyday so many diseases of the body will go away The sun will soak everyday so many diseases of the body will go away

In the courtyard and the courtyard, the presence of sunlight was common, when 'Gulzar Sahib wrote it,' the soft sun of the winter and lay down in the courtyard ..., but now in the city there is very little sunshine in the houses. If you get sunshine then it is difficult to get a patio. However, if the courtyard is not found, then the balcony itself is right; Even when the sunlight is found only for moments, its benefit should be given to the whole body. It is very important to take care of some things.

Advantages of sunlight 

- Hottest body: Due to being the main source of fire (sunlight), the light of the sun gives warmth to the shrunken body, thereby removing the lack of coolness and bile within the body. In Ayurveda, Sanbath is known as 'Inpat Seven'. 

- Vitamin D: Vitamin D is important for bone strengthening in the body. The natural source of this vitamin is the light of the sun. The body absorbs calcium only after proper vitamin D is present in the body.

- Increasing Immunity:There are such miraculous properties in sunlight, which reduces the risk of different types of infections on the body. It strengthens the immunity of the body. Due to sunburn, adequate formation of the WBC is done in the body, which works to fight the disease-causing factors.  

- From healing cancer: From the sun's rays, the body gets cancer-fighting ingredients. Due to this the risk of cancer can be avoided, those who have cancer also benefit. 

- Due to digestion: According to Ayurveda, the action of digestion in the body is done by gastargani, whose main source is the sun. In the afternoon (around 12 o'clock) the sun is at its peak and at the same time gastragini is also relatively active. Therefore it is said that the food taken at this time is well digested. 

- Positive Hormone: Hormone serotonin and endorphins that make you feel better have enough secretion in the body, which is beneficial in the balance of depression, seasonal affective disorder, psychological-emotional health and body clock-rhythm.

The advantages are also: 

-The problem of not sleeping by scouring is eliminated because the direct effect of sunlight is on our pineal gland. This gland creates hormones called melatonin in the body. One such powerful anti-oxidant melatonin decides the quality of our sleep and keeps the depression away. 

Sun-sunbathing also has many skin related benefits. Sunburns are cleaned and many other diseases related to fungal problems, eczema, psoriasis and skin are removed. It also helps in reducing BP. 

How long will it be

possible to take full advantage of the mixing of sunshine, at least 3-4 times a week (10:30 to 12 a.m.) or in the afternoon (from 3 to 5 a.m.) 20 to 30 minutes in lukewarm sun Siting is considered good.

Cough is made in children. In such a case, it is good to eat after 10 o'clock in the morning because there is some cold in the morning. 

- For the elderly people can be considered to be more beneficial for sun lounging in the afternoon. 

-For enough vitamin D, white people need to have less time for sunlight than people of dark or black colored ones. The person with a normal color should take 30 minutes, 15-20 minutes of white color, while the person with a dark or dark color should consume more than 30 minutes. 

More than sunshine trouble 

As long as sitting in the sun, there may be problems like pigmentation, skin allergies, skin cancer, aging effect, blackness, dehydration and eye problems. Anyway, too much of everything is bad. Therefore, as much as it has been said, the same time should sit in the sun. 

-The body has certain ingredients such as melanin, hemoglobin and carotene, which determine the skin color. With the continuation of excessive sunlight, some people start to get disturbed by the influence of ultraviolet rays in some people. This increases the risk of skin tan after some time. 

Sun tan 

Sitting in the sun may be a problem of sun tan (sunburn due to sunburn). It is important to know here that the sensitivity of people towards sunlight may vary. This can happen even after someone is in 20 minutes in the sun, while no one is in 1 hour. When the sun's skin starts to bother the sun, it will be the right choice. 

When sun tan ... 

- According to Ayurveda, by taking things with similar properties, those qualities increase, whereas there is a decrease in taking things with opposite properties. In such a situation, avoiding bile or heat-enhancing things, i.e. it is beneficial to use things that are naturally cool.

* Protect the affected area from sun exposure. Protect the body with scarves, glasses, caps, full sleeves, shirts or umbrellas in a strong sun. 

* Drink water from 2 to 3 liters or according to need. 

* Prepare aloe vera pulp or gel, cucumber or raw potato slices or sandalwood paste, rose water, gram flour-turmeric paste or lentil paste in raw milk or rose water in the affected area. 

* The use of coconut oil or Kumkumadi oil is also beneficial.

Apart from these external remedies, other medicines can be taken from the advice of doctors according to the problem. 


Sometimes there may be cold if there is less heat in the sun. Take socks, hats, etc. in the sun so that they can get complete sunlight. 

Those who are more sensitive to the sun's rays or sunlight can sit back instead of mouth instead of mouth. 

-Who can not have a time to sit down and sit in a place, they can take advantage of the sunlight while still working on their movements. 

If you have to sit late in the soup, sit together with water. Keep drinking a little water in the middle. 

Oil Massage ... Oil Massage 

Lukewarm sun oil oil massages are of great benefit, but for this it is important to take care of some things. Know: 

-In the cold air the open body does not massage, it can be cold. 

Do not bath with deep cold water by massaging it and massaging it. Do not sit in the same sunlight as soon as you can and do not sit down, it can be hot and cold. 

Different oils are used for massaging oil and their benefits . Some of these oils and their gains are as follows: 

What oils should be done with Mel 

oil 1. Mustard oil - 

Improvement in blood circulation. 

-With soft skin 

- Removing stress from muscles. 

- Massage of mustard oil in the sun, in the streets, gets vitamin D from the sun's rays in the body. 

Sweat glands become activated with parsley oil, so that the toxic elements of the body are easily released. It is the same with taking a bath bath without oil massage. 

-Circum oil contains antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. This removes massage from the skin. Vitamin-E is also used in mustard oil, which removes wrinkles of the skin. 

-The process of roasting oil is hot. Winter use is also protected from winter use. 

2. Sesame oil 

- This oil has the natural properties of protecting the body from ultraviolet rays. Despite its regular use of sun radiation by its use, it protects against harmful effects of rays. It shows less impact on aging skin. 

-Provides protection from the effects of pollution and smoke present in the air. 

It is safe for all types of skin due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. 

In this, copper, manganese, calcium and magnesium are present. In addition, it also contains antioxidants, which makes it soft by absorbing it easily in the skin. 

-Til oil contains more vitamins E, Vitamin B complex and Vitamin D, which are considered very necessary for the body. 

3. Urine oil has plenty of 

force- Urabwali (Kakhi or Indian Maulo) in Ayurveda and oil made from oil to remove all types of disorders of the nervous system, pain of joint, muscle stiffness, weakness after long disease Is considered to be effective. It is considered to be effective in the condition of paralysis of the face. 

4. The second special oil - 


alkali oil is useful in joint pain. 

-Badam and walnut oil keeps skin softness and glow. These wrinkles and wrinkles are far away from them. 

To remove the pain in the body, it is also good to massage celery or garlic in the mustard oil and massage it. 

These are the advantages 

-Tel massage increases blood circulation in the body. This eliminates fatigue of body and mind. 

-Tal massage should be done slowly with light hands, it also causes irritation of the body and also massage. 









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