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'Last Christmas' Review: Emilia Clarke-Henry Golding's film is a heartfelt tribute to George Michael and his songs

  • Written by News Age Entertainment Desk
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Featured 'Last Christmas' Review: Emilia Clarke-Henry Golding's film is a heartfelt tribute to George Michael and his songs

Story: Katarina aka Kate (Emilia Clarke) works at a Christmas based store and considers herself unlucky.

She then accidentally meets Tom (Henry Golding) after which her life takes an unexpected turn. Last Christmas is set against the backdrop of chilly London and is written by Emma Thompson.

The song 'Last Christmas' by George Michael along with his other songs plays like a character in the film.
Last Christmas starts with a young girl in Yugoslavia singing during Christmas and her parents are too proud to see their daughter showing her singing prowess. Cut to 2017, when the young girl is all grown as a young woman named Katarina aka Kate.
She works at a beautiful Christmas store owned by a Chinese woman (Michelle Yeoh) who loves the festival. She is terrible at her job and wishes to become a successful singer but her life is filled with hurdles which are invited by her. Emilia as a woman with butterfingers and infectious smile are a delight to watch after her stint as Khaleesi aka Daenerys Targaryen in the okay-ish last season of Game of Thrones.
After avoiding her family and living a homeless life, Kate finally witnesses a ray of hope in Tom played by Henry Golding. After watching him in Crazy Rich Asians, it's a treat to see him as a desirable man who is super-fictitious. His every presence in the film with Kate, I could only say to myself, 'Need someone like Tom in my life'. There's some magic in Emma Thompson's scriptwriting which makes this Christmas movie more special.
Emma plays Kate's mother Adelia in the film and she is adorable as an overprotective, emotional mom to her kids.
However, the 103 minutes seem like a bit longer for the film as it slows down a bit. In one hour 43 minutes, the movie shows too many details and not much of a mystery is left to the audience. It goes like a smooth ride on a sleigh by Santa but doesn't hit a minute bump until the last half an hour of the film.
Last Christmas reminds us what an artist George Michael was by adding his beautiful songs namely 'Last Christmas', 'Freedom! 90', 'Too Funky', 'Fantasy', 'Praying for Time', 'Faith', 'Waiting for that Day', 'Heal the Pain', 'One More Try', 'Fastlove' to name a few.
The film also touches upon the Yugoslav Wars, Brexit, more and more people becoming homeless in London.
Overall, Last Christmas has brought in the gorgeous festival early and will make you love it even more.
Verdict: Watch Last Christmas for Emilia, Christmas and George Michael.
Movie: Last Christmas
Cast: Emilia Clarke, Henry Golding, Michelle Yeoh, Emma Thompson, Rebecca Root, Boris Isaković
Director: Paul Feig
Duration: One hour 43 minutes
Critic's Rating: 3 out of 5


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